10th International Conference on Vibrations in Rotating by Institution of Mechanical Engineers

By Institution of Mechanical Engineers

This e-book provides the papers from the tenth overseas convention on Vibrations in Rotating equipment. This convention, first held in 1976, has outlined and redefined the state of the art within the many facets of vibration encountered in rotating equipment. special via a great mixture of business and educational participation accomplished, those papers current the newest tools of theoretical, experimental and computational rotordynamics, along the present problems with crisis within the additional improvement of rotating machines. issues are geared toward propelling ahead the criteria of excellence within the layout and operation of rotating machines.

  • Presents most up-to-date equipment of theoretical, experimental and computational rotordynamics
  • Covers present problems with challenge within the extra improvement of rotating machines

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In the present test, the magnetic bearing produced a small, band-limited random force to enrich the measurements and simulate the effect of turbulence in real jet-engines. Not shown in Fig (8) are the exciter driving the disk and the sensor-array measuring the disk vibration. The shaft vibrations were measured by two sensors connected at a right angle as can be seen in Fig (8). The electromagnet driving the flexible disk was fed by a DC biased random current to excite the otherwise unexcited disk modes with more than 1 nodal diameter.

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