A Mathematical Pandora's Box by Brian Bolt

By Brian Bolt

A Mathematical Pandora's field has been written in accordance with the luck of Brian Bolt's previous mathematical puzzle books. via his personal adventure, the writer has found a world curiosity in those and related puzzles. not just do they stimulate artistic pondering yet they could additionally open up new parts of arithmetic to the reader. This publication comprises 142 actions: as well as puzzles, there are video games, methods, types and reasons of varied phenomena. they vary from quantity manipulation, via chuffed and amicable numbers, coin puzzles, picnicking bears and pentominoes, to construction shapes with cubes. a few of the puzzles date from enormous quantities of years in the past whereas many others are unique, giving everybody whatever to consider. there's a specific observation on the finish of the booklet, giving strategies and factors, including the occasional follow-up challenge.

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36 61 The square pack Given five identical square pieces of card, how can you make one straight cut which will enable you to rearrange all the resulting pieces into one large square? 62 The hangover! Three student friends Karen, Pete and Lynn held a party in their flat to celebrate the end of their exams. They had each contributed eight bottles of wine for the party, and when they came to clear up the next day they found seven unopened bottles, seven half-full bottles and ten empty bottles. How can they each acquire eight bottles which give them a fair share of the wine remaining, without resorting to pouring any of the wine from one bottle to another?

Can you find it? 99 Customs control! River Bountiful North bank Two neighbouring states were separated by the fast-flowing River Bountiful where its wide channel contained several islands interconnected by numerous bridges, as shown by the map. The state bordering the south bank had a healthy economy and its people had a high standard of living. In contrast, the people on the north bank lived a hand-to-mouth existence. The inevitable result was that the people from the north were forever trying to cross the bridges to the south.

How can you possibly do this? 81 Romantic? From six you take nine And from nine you take ten Then from forty take fifty And six will remain. 45 82 Mustafa's pride and joy! Chief Mustafa's pride and joy were his eleven fine white oxen. After his death, his principal wife made it known that her late husband wanted the oxen shared between his three eldest sons, Yusuf, Raheem and Ibrahim, so that they have \, \ and \ respectively. Not wanting to end up with having to dissect any of the beautiful beasts, they consulted the village oracle.

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