Analytical Methods in Oceanography by Gould R.F. (ed.)

By Gould R.F. (ed.)

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75 mg. 054 mg. 50 mg. 45 mg. 2 with aqueous ammonia and autoclaved. Alkaloid production peaked at 728 JJQ per ml in nine days. When calcium, iron, zinc or magnesium are omitted from the culture media, there is a decrease in both growth and alkaloid production. The omission of copper caused a decrease in alkaloid production. In media which only contained zinc, iron, magnesium and calcium did not reach peak alkaloid production in controls containing complete salt/nutrient supplements. Alkaloid production was increased in these cultures when supplemented with manganese and copper salts.

Sclerotia from the same collection, kept dry in the laboratory over winter, were placed on moist sand in a slender dish. May 23, 1908, there were no indications of development in any case. At that time we had not seen an excellent paper by Rostowzew which is written in Russian and in which he makes the point. by experiment. ) preserve their vitality for one year only. This viability is lost in less than one year. In attempting to make photographs we have noticed the very decided tendency of the stem to twist and tum.

Industrial Fermentation Equipment: (Cleverdon 1955) (Dworschack 1954) (Fuld 1957) 44 LSD-2S & TRYPTAMINE SYNTHESES CHRPHR: NINE PRODUCTION OF RLKRLOIDS BY ClRUICEPS CULTURES Ergot alkaloids can be produced from the submerged culture of Claviceps. Claviceps purpurea and Claviceps paspali both can produce alkaloids. The production of ergot alkaloids in submerged culture resembles that of antibiotic production. Mannitol, sucrose (cane sugar) and glucose (com sugar) are the best sugars used by the fungus for a carbon source.

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