Ancient History by Joe Fullman, John Haywood

By Joe Fullman, John Haywood

A million issues: historic historical past is a incredible convey and inform adventure. become aware of the evening sky to benefit approximately Mayan gods and ideology, or barter for unique spices and perfumes within the exchange that outfitted Arabian towns. See the 1st chinese language Emperor's terra cotta military again to its multicolored attractiveness, or learn a shuttle advisor to the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations to determine which historical Mediterranean vacation spot is healthier for you.

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This model of a horse pulling a disk dates from 1400 BCE and is one of the earliest European depictions of a wheeled vehicle. URNFIELD CULTURE During the Bronze Age, Europe’s population increased dramatically, as improvements in farming techniques and social organization allowed the tribes to produce more food. By the 14th century BCE, a distinct culture had began to dominate Central Europe. It is known as the Urnfield Culture, after the people’s practice of cremating their dead and burying the ashes in pottery urns.

The most radical was in Athens, where every freeborn Athenian man over 20 could vote on all decisions. ” Public votes were held at a vast meeting called an Assembly This helmet once belonged to a soldier from Sparta, Athens’s great rival. In order to achieve military superiority over its rival cities, Sparta became obsessed with preparing its citizens for war. All male Spartan citizens had to serve in the army, beginning their training at the age of seven. Boys were taken away from their families and taught combat skills, pain tolerance, and dedication to the Spartan state.

This image shows the tribune Tiberius Gracchus (c. 168–133 BCE). The growing power of the generals and the weakness of the state was again shown in 61 BCE when another general, Pompey, clashed with the Senate. He formed a political alliance, known as the Triumvirate, with two other generals, Crassus and Julius Caesar (shown here). The alliance sidelined the Senate, but it did not last long. By 49 BCE, following a brief civil war, Caesar had emerged as the undisputed master of Rome. Sulla, the dictator of Rome Britain Gaul Spain Italy Greece Syria Africa Egypt u ROMAN EXPANSION From the fifth century BCE onward, Rome’s power grew and by 200 BCE it was in control of much of the western Mediterranean.

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