Asia—The Winning of Independence by Robin Jeffrey

By Robin Jeffrey

Creation / Robin Jeffrey --
The Philippines / Alfred W. McCoy --
India / Robin Jeffrey --
Indonesia / Anthony Reid --
Vietnam / David Marr --
Malaya / Lee Kam Hing --
end / D.A. Low.

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Influenced by colonial education and its growing economic ties to America, the elite worked for fulfilment of its national aspirations within the context of a permanent protectorate relationship with the United States. Within the history of Philippine nationalism there are also important undercurrents of a more militant peasant ideology, exemplified by the post-war Huk revolt. Moreover, a number of elite politicians, like Senator Claro Recto, dissented vigorously from the pro-American censensus of their day.

Every Manila Spaniard had a share in the China commerce, but it was the Spanish religious orders that dominated the galleon trade. Although their profits were considerable, the Spanish missions - unlike the British and Dutch East India companies - did not remit their surpluses to Spain but instead kept them in Manila to finance local charities and the evangelisation of eastern Asia, later enabling them to make a major contribution to the growth of export agriculture in the nineteenth century. 9 Absorbed in the easy profits of the trans-Pacific galleon trade, the Spanish colony abandoned provincial trade to Chinese, Filipino and half-caste entrepreneurs until the latter half of the nineteenth century.

418. 2. The Times, London, 18 Sept. 1945, p. 5. 3. lawaharlaI Nehru, An Autobiography (London: Bodley Head, 1953; 1st pubd 1936) p. 88. 4. Though it is unclear who first used the expression, it was long applied to India. Paul Scott took it as the title for a powerful novel set at the time of the Quit India movement in 1942, The Jewel in the Crown (London: Heinemann, 1966). 18 Asia - The Winning of Independence 5. Overseas Hindustan Times, 14 Feb. 1980, p. I;India Today, 1-15 Sept. 1979, p. 18. 6.

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