Aspects of Religious Life at Ancient Mari as seen through a by Bryan E. Beyer

By Bryan E. Beyer

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5) ba-ah-Zu. u (below). baZu, the general meaning of "lord" As with fits w 11 for the n8Jlle Ba1]Zu-bani ("The Lord is my creator"), though the div ne referent is left uncertain. This form poses a problem due to the uncertain ba-ha-aZ. • 6) nature of the initial element of the name. 127 --and could possibly be interpreted as a theo- name--oewum-~~ phoric element, in which case the form babal could be taken as a stative. I sewum ~ Or perhaps balJaZ is an alternate form of Baal, and a predicate , Final judgment must remain tentative.

Yapa1]-Addu ("Addu shine~") illustrate the reverence given to this deity. I~ li~ of Addu'shea~ atte~tation in Old Baby~onian'personal names at. ~ri, ~.. it seems rather surprising to find the god himselF not " '," '125 better att~stedat the city~ ~ In fact, it -should: be obseDVed that in ,the f,ive te~ts fr~m ARM 21 contai~ng apimal sacrifice~ to 'Addu. (see above), only on~ records a transaction within Mari itsel~. ~t the same time~ how, '. ever, certain . t~xt~ have ind~ated Addti's major ~ole in the Mari pantheon.

74 She plays important role in Mari prophecy, the form of local manifestations: ... sa X 1 °_ o:>erurblft. alJJit;im and Annunitwn Though a special feast day seems to be suggested by ARM 10 55:12-14, the data is uncertain. " Below is a swmnary of their \ contents: TABLE 2: ARM 21 TEXTS LISTING SACRIFICES' FOR ANNUNlTUM Text City Recipient 15 ? KIRI 6 ·LUGAL E Ea E Annunitum E Diritum Nergal (Chariot) , E Annunitum (sic) . 16 21 ? Mari Animals Received lGUD GUD? XGuD? X X GOD? X GUDJ X GUD? ) E Ea t Annunitum E Diritum (sic) X GUD?

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