Asset Valuation Allocation Models

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This concept is captured in Equation 1-7, which represents an individual seller’s supply function: Q sx ¼ f ðPx ,W , : : : Þ ð1-7Þ where Q sx is the quantity supplied of some good X (such as gasoline), Px is the price per unit of good X, and W is the wage rate of labor in, say, dollars per hour. ” Just as with the demand function, we can consider a simple hypothetical example of a seller’s supply function. As mentioned earlier, economists often will simplify their analysis by using linear functions, although that is not to say that all demand and supply functions are necessarily linear.

If there are many bidders, each with a different reservation price and a unit demand, then each has a perfectly vertical demand curve at one unit and a height equal to his or her reservation price. For example, suppose the highest reservation price is equal to $100. That person would be willing to buy one unit of the good at a price no higher than $100. Suppose each subsequent bidder also has a unit demand and a reservation price that falls, respectively, in increments of $1. The market demand curve would be a negatively sloped step function; that is, it would look like a stair step, with the width of each step being one unit and the height of each step being $1 lower than the preceding step.

Economists refer to the rules that govern this transformation as the technology of production. Because producers have to purchase inputs in factor markets, the cost of production depends on both the technology and the price of those factors. , costs) of the inputs necessary to produce it. For simplicity, we can assume that the only input in a production process is labor that must be purchased in the labor market. The price of an hour of labor is the wage rate, or W. Hence, we can say that (for any given level of technology) the willingness to supply a good depends on the price of that good and the wage rate.

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