Bad Blood: The Secret Life of the Tour de France by Jeremy Whittle

By Jeremy Whittle

Jeremy Whittle’s trip from unquestioning fan to travel de France insider and proven skeptic is the tale of the way a activity has been corrupted by way of commercialism, scandal and medicine. In influence, Whittle claims, the game is destroying itself from inside.

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31 Physiologists and cardiologists had a very cooperative and supportive relationship in the field of medicine that carried over even more dramatically into sports medicine. Cardiology was the one clinical field in which 34 Jack W. 32 Once physiologists began to focus on healthrelated exercise research in the 1940s and 1950s, they directed their attention to cardiovascular disease fi rst. R. ”33 Just a cursory survey of leading physiology journals during the 1930s through the 1950s and of the Research Quarterly, published by AAHPER beginning in 1930, shows a substantial number of articles relating to various aspects of the heart and exercise.

Bainbridge of the University of London published the classic Physiology of Muscular Exercise and in 1924, James H. 11 In 1923, the year Archibald V. Hill was appointed Joddrell Professor of Physiology at University College, London, the physiology of exercise acquired one of its most respected researchers and staunchest supporters. 30 Jack W. Berryman In his inaugural address in October, Hill explained why his type of research was important: Quite apart from direct physiological research on man, the study of instruments and methods applicable to man, their standardization, their description, their reduction to a routine, together with the set ting up of standards of normality in man, are bound to prove of great advantage to medicine; and not only to medicine but to all those activities and arts where normal man is the object of study.

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