Bowling (2nd Edition) by Doug L. Wiedman

By Doug L. Wiedman

This step by step advisor to conquering the lanes covers grip, stance, footwork, arm swing, timing, strike focusing on, and spare taking pictures in addition to recommendations for adjusting to varied lane stipulations. Dozens of drills and self-scoring workouts chart growth and speed up development.

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In the finish position, the bowler balances on one foot, with the front knee bent and the leg on the throwing side behind and out of the way. In an effective finish position, the hips and shoulders are open, the knees are bent, and the spine tilts forward. These are similar to the characteristics of proper stance setup, just to a greater degree than at the start. A proper finish position is the foundation for the rest of the bowling performance. Ensuring proper placement in the beginning will help you get into the correct position at the end.

Lift is the finger’s resistance to the weight of the ball as the ball accelerates toward the bottom of the swing. When using proper grip and hand position, the fingers initially drive through the back of the ball, then around, and then up the side of the ball. As the swing carries the hand out and up toward the follow-through, the fingertip grip allows the ball to stay on the fingers longer during the extension and turn phases of the release. With a fingertip grip, you will experience more pressure on the fingers, particularly at the release.

Practice five times, checking to see whether both the approach and the ball path are parallel to the line of the string. Score 1 point each time your footwork stays along the string. Score 1 point each time the ball path is parallel to the string and rolls over the target. Score Your Success Footwork doesn’t deviate from path shown by the string = 1 point Ball path is parallel to the string’s path and rolls over the target = 1 point Your score ___ A more detailed discussion of targeting strategies for both strike and spare shots are found in later steps of the book.

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