Cell Death Signaling in Cancer Biology and Treatment by Daniel E. Johnson (auth.), Daniel E. Johnson (eds.)

By Daniel E. Johnson (auth.), Daniel E. Johnson (eds.)

A key aim within the therapy of melanoma is to accomplish selective and effective killing of tumor cells. the purpose of Cell loss of life Signaling in melanoma Biology and Treatment is to explain state of the art techniques and destiny possibilities for attaining this objective by way of concentrating on mechanisms and pathways that keep watch over melanoma mobilephone dying. during this e-book, molecular defects in telephone demise signaling that represent melanoma cells, together with dysregulation of mobilephone dying as a result of overexpression/hyperactivation of oncoproteins, in addition to the lack of tumor suppressor proteins could be defined. the possibility of concentrating on microRNAs could be mentioned. a number of chapters will describe preclinical and scientific techniques which are at the moment getting used to focus on epigenetic transformations, DNA fix pathways, and protein chaperones, as a way of frightening tumor telephone dying. eventually, the improvement and alertness of novel brokers and techniques for focusing on particular elements of cellphone dying signaling pathways and equipment may be reviewed.

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