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5 ␮m) reflectance to minimize heating by solar energy. CD is a potentially suitable method to prepare these coatings on the large areas of glass that would be needed. Most of the work in this field has been carried out by Nair and Nair in Mexico using various semiconductor films, mainly PbS [21–23] and CuxS [23]. See also this group’s recent review on this work [24]. These coatings are normally yellowish or neutral by transmitted light and various shades of gold, blue, or purple by reflected light.

41) where z is the atomic spacing [ϭ d in Eq. 40) at contact]. , 2␥, where ␥ is the surface energy of the Copyright © 2002 by Marcel Dekker, Inc. All Rights Reserved. FIG. 4 Resultant interaction energy between two particles with van der Waals attractive interactions and electron overlap repulsion interactions. solid. 42) Substituting Eq. 42) into Eq. 43) This relation is clearly very simplified, being based on a number of approximations, such as the validity of the use of the Hamaker constant at such close distances and the particle and surface being of the same material.

52) give a straight line does not automatically mean that the bandgap can be obtained from the extrapolation of this line; not too infrequently, a weaker absorption onset at longer wavelengths has been ignored, although consideration of the entire spectrum, together with the expected behavior of the material, would lead one to conclude that this weaker absorption determines the bandgap. FURTHER READING Solution Chemistry Just about any textbook on inorganic chemistry. A particularly useful one, which the author referred to on many occasions while writing this chapter, is: G Wulfsberg.

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