Chemical Thermodynamics of Selenium by OECD


So one can quantitatively expect the chemical reactions that damaging fabrics could endure within the atmosphere, it will be significant to grasp the relative stabilities of the compounds and complexes which may be came across below yes stipulations. this sort of calculations should be performed utilizing constant chemical thermodynamic facts, reminiscent of these contained during this ebook for inorganic compounds and complexes of selenium.

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In the field of radioactive waste management, the hazardous material consists to a large extent of actinides and fission and activation products from nuclear reactors (such is the case of the fission product 79Se). The scientific literature on thermodynamic data, mainly on equilibrium constants and redox potentials in aqueous solution, has been contradictory in a number of cases. A critical and comprehensive review of the available literature is necessary in order to establish a reliable thermochemical database that fulfils the requirements of a proper modelling of the behaviour of the actinide and fission and activation products in the environment.

The designator (sin) is used for substances in solution without specifying the actual equilibrium composition of the substance in the solution. 3). 3) involves a HC1 solution, in which the thermodynamic properties of H2O(sln) may not be the same as those of the pure liquid H2O(1). In dilute solutions, however, this difference in the thermodynamic properties ofH,O can be neglected, and H2O(sln) may be regarded as pure H2O(1). 3) • The designators (cr), (am), (vit), and (s) are used for solid substances, (cr) is used when it is known that the compound is crystalline, (am) when it is known that it is amorphous, and (vit) for glassy substances.

2 Focus of the review 3 The present review therefore puts much weight on the assessment of the lowtemperature thermodynamics of selenium in aqueous solution and makes independent analyses of the available literature in this area. The standard method used for the analysis of ionic interactions between components dissolved in water (see Appendix B) allows the general and consistent use of the selected data for modelling purposes, regardless of the type and composition of the ground water, within the ionic strength limits given by the experimental data used for the data analyses in the present review.

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