Choreographing the Global in European Cinema and Theater by K. Sieg

By K. Sieg

The ebook explores eu artists' serious engagement with the photographs and tales that politicians and the media use to suggest globalization.

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These associations that have traditionally had a strong presence in German civil society 26 Choreographing the Global occupy a “private” space that cannot simply be equated with corporate profit aims. Civil society, privately organized, is also the space where protopolitical or parapolitical democratic activity was located whenever exclusionary national discourses barred access to a public political sphere ostensibly (but not actually) open and accessible to all. Historically, this included the socialist workers’ movement, the women’s movement before suffrage, and, in recent and contemporary times, immigrants’ rights movements.

The films, made by an Austrian expatriate in Hollywood, a German, and a French director respectively, depict Europe as threatened by fascism, communism, and American imperialism but nevertheless manage to make positive offers of identification with a democratic Europe to international audiences. Chapter 3, entitled “Development and Migration: The Globalized Woman Comes to Neukölln,” introduces the reader to central debates in globalization theory: Does globalization contribute to the development and modernization of the global South, or does it exacerbate social and economic differences between rich and poor nations?

Whereas political theater has historically sought to position itself as the place where mediatized constructions of reality can be interrogated or subverted, 28 Choreographing the Global Pollesch shows how the theater is ultimately coerced into imitating and complementing the screen. The last chapter (Chapter 5), “Operation Media Storm: Elfriede Jelinek’s Theater of War,” examines two plays by the Nobel Prize winner that treat the media representation of the Iraq war. The plays Bambiland (2003) and Babel (2005) echo and even cite directly some of the most rigorous scholarly critiques and indictments of globalization in its current, militarized mode.

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