Clear Speech: Practical Speech Correction and Voice by Malcolm Morrison

By Malcolm Morrison

This publication provides transparent suggestions to reliable pronunciation and is written in an easily-accessible shape. many of us can determine and remedy their speech difficulties and considerably enhance their voice through the use of attempted and established workouts. The systematic association of the fabric with transparent illustrations makes it effortless for the layman to appreciate and paintings from successfully. This new version comprises extra workouts in addition to an accelerated bankruptcy on vague Speech.

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It is important not to strain the voice to reach notes at the upper and lower extremes which are excessively difficult to make. 2. An adequate and plentiful breath supply should be established. 3. There should be a constant support for the voice from the breath during these exercises. 4. While doing the exercises attention should be paid to the position and movement of the head, as there is a tendency to raise the head and thrust the chin forward when producing the high notes, and to pull the chin towards the chest for low notes.

As the TH sound continues, pull the tongue back in the mouth, slowly, allowing the tip to brush against the back of the upper teeth and the gum ridge. As it passes over the ridge a sound similar to S will be heard. 3. Repeat exercise 2 but increase the breath pressure when the tongue reaches the gum ridge. 4. Say a long TH sound and draw the tongue straight back from the upper teeth to the gum ridge. Practise this movement in various rhythmic patterns. 5. Practise the following quickly, making each sound very short: TH S / TH S / TH S / TH S / 6.

AH ... , . MMM MMM OH.. OH ... MMM AW AW... MMM AY ... MMM EE EE ... M AY.. MMM 3. Replace the M sound in exercise 2 with N and repeat. 4. Hum on an M sound before intoning each of these words. Again do it quietly, feeling the vibrations on the lips and the release of the voice on the vowels: M . WE M . WE M . . WORRY M . . WAIT 5. Repeat the following sounds, first whispered, then intoned and finally, spoken. In each case sustain the M and 42 Routine 4 N sounds. Listen for the resonance as a continuous humming sound as you say the complete word: many many many many many many many minimal minimal minimal minimal minimal ammonia ammonia ammonia ammonia ammonia nominate nominate nominate nominate nominate 6.

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