Fourier Analysis In Convex Geometry by Alexander Koldobsky

By Alexander Koldobsky

The research of the geometry of convex our bodies in response to information regarding sections and projections of those our bodies has vital functions in lots of components of arithmetic and technological know-how. during this booklet, a brand new Fourier research procedure is mentioned. the assumption is to specific yes geometric homes of our bodies when it comes to Fourier research and to take advantage of harmonic research ways to remedy geometric difficulties.

One of the implications mentioned within the booklet is Ball's theorem, developing the precise higher sure for the $(n-1)$-dimensional quantity of hyperplane sections of the $n$-dimensional unit dice (it is $\sqrt{2}$ for every $n\geq 2$). one other is the Busemann-Petty challenge: if $K$ and $L$ are convex origin-symmetric $n$-dimensional our bodies and the $(n-1)$-dimensional quantity of every valuable hyperplane portion of $K$ is lower than the $(n-1)$-dimensional quantity of the corresponding part of $L$, is it real that the $n$-dimensional quantity of $K$ is lower than the amount of $L$? (The resolution is confident for $n\le four$ and detrimental for $n>4$.)

The ebook is appropriate for graduate scholars and researchers drawn to geometry, harmonic and practical research, and likelihood. must haves for examining this e-book contain uncomplicated genuine, advanced, and useful research.

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