Optics, Astronomy and Logic: Studies in Arabic Science and by A.I. Sabra

By A.I. Sabra

Working during the articles during this quantity is the topic of the appropriation and next naturalization of Greek technology by means of students on the planet of medieval Islam. the outlet paper offers the historiography of this strategy, and the focal point is then put on Ibn al-Haytham, probably the most unique and influential figures of the eleventh century, and specifically in his contribution to the technological know-how of optics, either mathematical and experimental, and the psychology of imaginative and prescient. Professor Sabra then maintains the research of the way Greek suggestion was once constructed within the Islamic international with reports of labor in accordance with Euclid’s geometry and on reviews of Ptolemaic astronomy. the ultimate articles flip in particular to questions within the heritage of common sense - Aristotelian syllogism, and Avicenna’s perspectives at the topic - subject of good judgment.

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The line standing a t right angles on the middle of the line joining the two centres of vision. Now this is a manifest error, evidenced both by reasoning (al-qiyds) and fact (al-wujud: existence). I mean [it is an error] th a t the two lines coinciding with the axes of vision should be seen ps one line; for the extrem ities of these two lines are at the centres of vision; again, the extrepiities of these two lines never meet on the common axis, but always rem ain ap art; fu r­ ther, these two lines intersect a t the middle object; therefore, they always intersect and they are npver seen united {mujtami^ayn), though in vision (Jl-l-ru’ya) they approach one another while still intersecting.

S42V Alhazeni Arabis I . i b r i e d iti. E iu sd em lib er D e crepu sculis et n u b iu m ascen sionibus. Ite m lorus T h u rin g o p o lo n i L ib ri ra ti, et in illu stra ti A lhnzenum ro m m e n ta riif. n avigan di CCS P l i i n e t a r u r n X. lib ri O m nes a u cti. nei*o (Basilcae, 1572). 3 Petri X o iiii Salaciensis tio n e ium o m n iu m e ditris th esa u n is. s in sta u - a d iec tis a Dc \ ‘iteletia m Federico Risa rte duo. E iu sdem tilq u e ra in th eo ri- Ceorgij Purbachij a n n o t a t i o n e s , A ristotelis d e m o t u e t in P r o h l e m a m e c h a n i c u m n m d g ij ex rern is a n n o ta tio una.

574-575. se w hich took place on "the last day of the year 47 in the hijra (3 July 1079),” Z otenberg and M unk, o p . , p. 189. T h e last two treatises are by oth er authors. See Steinschneider, D ie hebraeischen V bersetzun gen , p. 575; G eorge Sarton. In tro d u c tio n to th e H istory of Science /B a l­ tim ore: W illiam s i- W’ilkins, for the C arnegie In stitu tion of W’ashington, 1931), Vol. 2, p. irc h iv e fo r H istory of E xact Sciences, 1964, 2, N o. 2; 108-112. 83 Ig geret b e'am m u d h a-shahar u-m ah sib b ato w e'illat h ig g alu to u-Iekihat hah o ra ’ah m i-m ennah ‘al ‘aliy at ha-’ed im ha-m u g b ah im m e-ha-’ares.

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