The Stars. The Definitive Visual Guide to the Cosmos by DK


The definitive visible consultant to exploring the entire marvels of the celebs, the Milky manner, and the universe beyond.
Chart the wonders of the cosmos in our personal sun process and past with the celebs. full of three-D works of art of every constellation and superb new imagery from the Hubble house Telescope, ground-based observatories world wide, and extra, this awe-inspiring advisor positive factors the main attention-grabbing gadgets identified to astronomy, from glittering star-birth nebulae to supermassive black holes.
The place, measurement, and colour of each night-sky item is printed with extraordinary readability, and a in particular commissioned three-D version of the celestial sphere that surrounds our planet charts all 88 constellations, jointly forming an entire map of the sky. From the large Bang to the quest for extraterrestrial existence, key components in astronomy and cosmology are coated, and colourful infographics distill a wealth of knowledge into an easy-to-digest visible layout.

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62–63). Ellipticals are numbered according to their shape, with E0 the most round in shape. There are two distinct types of spiral galaxy—normal spirals (type Sc to Sc or Sd), in which the spiral arms emerge directly from the central hub, and barred spirals (SBa to SBc), in which the arms attach to the ends of a straight bar crossing the hub. E2 △ M32 E2 galaxies, such as the Andromeda Galaxy’s satellite M32, have one axis noticeably longer than the other, and tend to be fainter than the brightest E0 galaxies.

Kepler Since its launch in 2009, NASA’s Kepler space telescope has sought out exoplanets, particularly Earth-sized ones, using the transit method. By early 2016, it had detected 84 multiplanetary systems, each containing between two and seven planets, as well as many single planet systems. ▷ Planet types This bar graph shows the numbers of different sizes of all exoplanets (both confirmed and unconfirmed) up to early 2016. 25 and 2 times Earth’s radius). 25R) 289 (6–15R) 72 (15–25R) EARTH SIZE SUPER EARTH SIZE NEPTUNE SIZE JUPITER SIZE LARGER 10 HD 125612 1,0 00 lig ht -y ea 0l MULTIPLANETARY SYSTEMS igh t-y ea 49 rs ◁ New worlds Shown here are details of 118 systems whose distance from the Solar System is known.

NGC 4214 is one such galaxy. Its abundant supply of hydrogen gas is fueling the emergence of bright clusters of new stars, while the presence of older red stars provides evidence of earlier episodes of star formation. The largest of all galaxies, known as the giant ellipticals, may each contain many trillions of stars 54 UNDERSTANDING THE COSMOS THE MILKY WAY ALL THE STARS WE CAN SEE IN THE SKY LIE WITHIN THE CONFINES OF OUR HOME GALAXY, THE MILKY WAY. THIS VAST STAR SYSTEM, CONTAINING HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF STARS, IS A BARRED SPIRAL WITH A COMPLEX STRUCTURE AND IS ABOUT 120,000 LIGHT-YEARS ACROSS.

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