Yoruba (Heritage Library of African Peoples West Africa) by Michael O. Anda

By Michael O. Anda

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The mother names the child without contributing any money. Then the father's relatives, followed by others, drop small amounts of money into the water, each suggesting whatever name they like for the child. Twins The Yoruba have the highest rate of twin births in the world. This appears to have been true for a long time, because important historical and religious figures like Shango are said to have had many twins. Shango, also called Lord of Twins, is associated with many items that are twinned or doubled, such as the double-headed axe that is one of his special symbols.

They are generally benevolent and ''cool," compared to the hot-tempered Shango and other aggressive and harsh male orisha such as Ogun and Obaluaiye, the God of Epidemics. But male gods like Obatala can be "cool," and female deities can be "hot"like Shango's wife Oya, who is Goddess of the Whirlwind. Page 38 Chapter 4 Yoruba Society Idile: The Clan Every Yoruba is born into a patrilineal clan (idile) whose members are descended from a common male ancestor and are regarded as blood relatives. Whereas the children of a man's son belong to his clan, those of his daughter belong to the clan of her husband.

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